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My name is Bonnie Penner and I am the owner of Organically Clean.  Organically Clean was born out of my own suffering from hormone related diseases.  After years without answers, and searching for truly safe, natural, chemical free beauty products, cosmetics and home cleaning products I decided to formulate my own product line from food grade, organic ingredients, and pure essential oils. Organically Clean’s products have been used by my family and friends for many years.  Through the encouragement of those around me I decided to take the next step and offer them to other women in our world today who are searching for truly “Clean” and “Organic” cosmetics, shampoos, lotions, and cleaning products for their homes.

In my early 20’s I began suffering from ovarian cysts.  These were painful, chronic and at times debilitating.  After many doctor directed tests, treatments and modifications to my diet I was no healthier.  In fact, I ended up requiring surgery for an ovarian cyst the size of a large goose egg.  I went in for my scheduled laporotomy, but came out with an appendectomy instead.  Not to bore you with the details, but the cyst had ruptured before the surgery, so the decision was made to remove my appendix instead.

This incident changed my life forever.   It made me realize, that I was responsible for my own health, and should not rely on conventional  medicine, the government or any one else with my health.  It was up to me to research, learn, and make my own decisions.  So began my journey.

Unfortunately, the removal of my appendix did not relieve my development of ovarian cysts.  I suffered for many years after my surgery.  The only answer the gynecologist could give me was to have children, and hope that the cysts would not return.  My husband had finished his university degree and we were ready to have children, so we had 4 beautiful boys.

The cysts continued to develop, and other hormonal disruptions now began to plague my body.  I was diagnosed with fibrocystic breast disease in my early 30’s.  My breasts had always been tender and fairly fibrous.  I thought this was normal, as they had felt this way for as long as I could remember.  The doctor was not too concerned, and had no recommendations for treatment.  My periods also became heavy, long and frequent.  I began suffering from adult acne, water retention, allergies, bouts of unexplained tiredness and finally lumps in my breasts.

I was still so young and decided enough was enough.  I needed to get some serious answers to my hormone difficulties.  I was a mother of 4 wonderful boys and did not want to be another statistic and die of breast cancer or some other horrible disease.  I began to research, and dig deep and find answers.

I discovered the source of my hormone related issues were due to environment estrogens (xenoestrogens) that are ubiquitous in the cosmetic industry.  I was unable to locate any truly natural products to put on my skin or the skin of my children that was not loaded with chemical ingredients.  I was forced to make my own products at home from ingredients in my kitchen.  This proved to be challenging, but fun at the same time.  As I progressed in my journey, I discovered many great suppliers of raw materials for my homemade products that increased their shelf life, and made them commercially viable, but were still completely natural and safe for use on my family.

Today, I no longer suffer from hormone related diseases.  I do not develop ovarian cysts and my breasts are normal.  I feel vibrant and energized everyday, with the energy to home school my 4 boys, cook healthy meals from scratch, work every evening at my organic office cleaning business, and sell my organic beauty and body products at our local Farmers’ Market.  I feel alive again.  This is a direct result of abstaining from using toxic beauty products as well as going through some detoxification protocols to rid my body of the burden of xenoestrogens.  I want to offer to the world now, my story, my knowledge and my passion for healthy living without toxic chemicals.  

**Please Note**  This story/website will be updated/expanded to include the detox protocols that helped remove the xenoestrogens from my body, and healthy living tips to