Organically Clean
Cleaning & Beauty Products From Our Home To Yours
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Who We Are and What We Offer
 What is Organically Clean?
Organically Clean is proud to be a 100% Canadian owned company based in Kelowna, BC Canada.  We provide a vast selection of cleaning and beauty products. Our retail products include our own high quality, in-house formulated organic shampoo, hair conditioner, body washes and other personal care products, as well as organic household cleaners for your home or office.
How are Organically Clean Products Formulated?
Organically Clean incorporates old fashioned processes to produce our products; very similar to the way grandma used to make things from scratch.  An excellent example of this "old fashioned" process is how we manufacture our liquid soap base.  We start with organic extra virgin olive oil, which we first take the time to naturally infuse with organic calendula flowers and organic rooibos herbs.  Next, we add organic coconut oil  and saponify the oils (also known as fatty acids) using a naturally mined mineral from Saskatchewan called potash (also know as potassium hydroxide-a very alkaline/base substance).  The combining of these products (fatty acids & alkaline/base substances) is what transforms oil into soap (saponification).  With the addition of some heat, a whole day spent in the kitchen and a dash of love, our liquid soap is produced, which is the foundation for many of the beauty and household cleaning products we produce.  Many of our other beauty products also include the additional step of using herbal infused oils.  We choose to infuse the unique properties of specifically chosen herbs into the oils ourselves, in order to tap into the natural anti-oxidant and healing qualities of each plant.  This allows Organically Clean to produce a truly artisan, therapeutic and unique  product, the way grandma used to, without the use of harsh or dangerous chemicals.

Healthy Cleaning Solutions

In the past, natural products were associated with compromise in terms of cleaning power and overall performance.  Not any more.  Our natural cleaners meet or exceed the performance of national brands. Organically Clean uses the finest natural ingredients that contain no harsh chemicals and dangerous fumes. We avoid the use of products that contain phthalates, parabens,  artificial fragrances, preservatives, artificial colors, dyes, petroleum based products and other harmful chemicals.  Organically Clean also chooses to use ingredients that are food grade and biodegradable.  Our products are specially formulated to contain mainly organic ingredients, pure essential oils and organic essential oils.


Toxins in Your Home and Office

Organically Clean is just as concerned as you are about creating a safe environment for you and your loved ones.  Listen to what the EPA has to say about our homes and workplaces:
"In the last several years, a growing body of scientific evidence has indicated that the air within our homes and other buildings can be more seriously polluted than the outdoor air in even the largest industrialized cities.  Other research indicates that people spend approximately 90% of their time indoors.  Thus, for many people, the risk to health may be greater due to exposure to air pollution indoors than outdoors."
Quoted from, "The Inside Story:  A Guide to Indoor Air Quality" a pamphlet produced by US EPA (6604J) EPA Document #402-K93_007, April 1995

How Local are Organically Clean Products?

Organically Clean chooses to support local businesses and build relationships with our suppliers, by purchasing as much of our raw materials, from as close to home as possible, even if that means paying a higher price. We source out all of our supplies from Kelowna first, BC next and Canada last.  To date, Organically Clean is proud to report that we have been able to purchase all of our supplies using this business model.  The organic coconut oil we use is an excellent example.  Coconuts cannot be grown in Canada, so we purchase our oil from a Vancouver based company, Alpha Health.  Alpha Health researches and brings in from other countries the finest organic coconut oil available.  The owner of Alpha Health, Siegfried, was the original publisher of the "Alive" magazine.  Organically Clean learned this little "tidbit" of information about Siegfried, because we choose to contact each of our suppliers personally and ask the right questions.  As a business, we feel it is our moral obligation to do our "due diligence," and to have a corporate conscience.  
At Organically Clean we choose to purchase our bottles and containers from a locally owned Kelowna competitor (they make similar products to ours).  We chose to use this supplier for our bottles not because it is cheaper (it is not) but because we want to help support the little guys (just like us).  Organically Clean does not view other similar businesses in Kelowna as competition, but rather believes in co-opetitionCo-opetition is a combination of the two words, competition and cooperation.  When businesses in similar fields, support each other, rather than compete with each other, our local economy can prosper.  Currently this action has developed into a symbiotic relationship with our bottle supplier. This provides our Organically Clean customers with the best, highest quality, truly local products possible.